T-Die・Coater Die


Kasen supplies T-Die for film and sheet molding of polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, etc.Depending on the kind of polymer, simulation and design for coat hanger are available.


  • T-die

Typical accuracy in processing

Straightness 30µm/1000mm(Mirror finish)
10µm/1000mm(Super Mirror finish)
Surface roughness Ra0.03µm (Mirror finish)
Ra0.01µm(Super Mirror finish)
Radius of edge 30µm(Mirror finish)
20µm(Super Mirror finish)
※Materials of work : SCM materials with HCr-plating
Polymer used PP / PET / NY / etc.
Application Optical film / adhesive tape / packing film sheet / etc.
Feature We can design an optimal polymer path depending on specific requirements.

Photos show super-finish and coating on T-die

  • SKD material SKD material
  • Plated with HCr Plated with HCr

Standard Accuracy with Different Materials

(1)HCr-plated SCM material

Finish  Precision class Straightnes Surface Roughness R of Edge
Mirror - 30µm/1000mm Ra0.03µm 30µm
Super-mirror - 10µm/1000mm Ra0.01µm  20µm

(2)Non-HCr-plated SKD material

Finish  Precision class Straightness Surface Roughness R of Edge
Grinded - 5µm/1000mm Ra0.05µm 5µm

(3)Non-HCr-plated SUS630 material

Finish  Precision class Straightness Surface Roughness R of Edge
Grinded - 3µm/1000mm Ra0.025µm 3µm

※The above values present the accuracy of lip-land portion.
※These values were measured with the processed samples of 1500 mm die.
※The ultra-mirror finish was obtained with our own polishing machine.
※The grinded finish of Special Class was performed with our own`super-high precision grinder.

Coater Die

Kasen supplies coater die for coating on LCD panel, optical film and roll. Large scale grinding more than 5m is possible. It achieves required surface roughness, straightness and flatness.

Coater Die

Dimension ~7000mm(standard grinding)
~2000mm(precise grinding)
~4000mm(extra-precise grinding)
Typical accuracy Straightness 5µm/1500mm(standard grinding)
Straightness 1.5µm/1500mm(precise grinding)
Application Coating for film / glass baseboard / etc.
Feature Precise machining for flatness, straightness and surface roughness is required so that even law viscid polymer or solution may be well coated.