Fine hole processing

Tool manufacturing

Tool manufacturing technology is the pinnacle of core technology that Kasen nozzle have passed down for over 70 years.
This technology realizes submicron precision hole drilling. Micropores machined with handmade tools achieve hole diameter accuracy, surface roughness, and roundness, which are difficult with other machining methods such as electric discharge, laser, and etching.

  • 微細工具製作
  • 微細工具拡大図
  • 微細工具拡大図

Fine hole processing

Microhole machining is the core technology of the Kasen nozzle that forms the two wheels of tool making. Utilizing fine tools manufactured with submicron accuracy, ultra-high precision hole drilling is realized. As an outstanding low technology, we propose hole machining technology that suits your needs while incorporating advanced technologies such as electric discharge machining and laser machining, centering on plastic working and cutting. It is used for controlling light, air, and fluid as a key part for various applications such as electron beam apertures, industrial inkjets, various orifices, and collimators.

  • 微細孔加工作業
  • Hole drilling is possible in 1 μm units Micropore SEM photo Roundness 0.1 μm or less

Deformed hole processing

Various deformed holes can be machined on the order of micrometers using our own tools.

  • 異形孔
  • 異形孔

Processable material and minimum hole diameter

We will challenge inexperienced materials and accuracy according to customer's request. The table below shows a part of the manufacturing results, and if you do not have the results, please contact us each time.

Material Min.孔径
stainless 5μm
Structural steel 10μm
Tool steel 10μm
"High melting point
Highly resistant ingredients
platinumPt 0.1μm
Gold platinumAu-Pt 10μm
molybdenumMo 1μm
TitaniumTi 2μm
tantalumTa 5μm
Nickel alloy Alloy-Ni 10μm
tungstenW 10μm
Brittle material siliconSi 50μm
Silicon carbideSiC 60μm
GlassSiO2 10μm
Glassy carbon 5μm
Machinable ceramics 30μm
Oxide ceramics 60μm
plastic Various 10μm

■Sample photo

  • Silicon Carbide (SiC) / 60µmSilicon Carbide(SiC)/60µm
  • Molybdenum (Mo) / 5µmMolybdenum(Mo)/5µm
  • Glass(SiO2) / 10 μmGlass(SiO2)/10μm
  • Platinum(Pt)/0.1μmPlatinum(Pt)/0.1μm

Cross-sectional shape

With the experience cultivated in the design and manufacture of spinning nozzles, we can propose hole shapes suitable for applications and conditions.
Depending on the cross-sectional shape of the hole, we can propose a shape suitable for squeezing the electron beam as well as fluid such as laminar flow, turbulent flow, and pressure loss.

  • 異形孔
  • 異形孔
  • 異形孔
  • 異形孔

Edge finish

For spinning nozzles, the finish of the hole edges has a significant effect on the quality of the yarn during spinning. We have the technology to finish the edge in R or taper shape as well as the removal of burrs and burrs that we have cultivated over many years in the manufacture of spinning nozzles, so we provide edge treatment that suits the product application and usage conditions. It is possible to.

Sharp edge processing/Pre-edge processing/Edge treatment of degormed holes

High aspect

In addition to high-aspect hole drilling, we also have high straightness and smooth wall hole drilling technology.
The high mirror surface inside the hole can be finished at a level that is difficult with methods such as laser and electric discharge machining.

  • Hole cross section
  • Hole cross section (enlarged)

Surface roughness

Even in blind holes and stepped holes, it is possible to finish the inner surface of the holes cleanly.

  • 微細研磨(材質:モリブデン)
  • 材質:モリブデン(Mo)

■Precision polishing of the bottom of the hole

  • Before polishing (enlarged)Before polishing (enlarged)
  • After polishing (enlarged)After polishing (enlarged)