Quality / Environment Management Policy

Quality Management:ISO9001

What we aim at is sharing pleasure and satisfaction with all customers and every member of our own staff through the supply of quality products with better service based on our technical innovations as well as spiritual cultivation in the following ways

  1. 1.To have whole workers and personnel thoroughly comprehend the purposes of the quality control program, aiming at the pleasure as well as the satisfaction among the customers and all of us
  2. 2.To improve the working condition and surroundings through the business activities strictly complying with the laws or regulations related to security, hygiene and environmental protection
  3. 3.To provide our staff with all supports and training necessary for improvements in working condition, productivity and quality of products
  4. 4.To manage and operate Kasen with the well-organized quality control system which strictly complies with ISO 9001:200


Scope of registration:Designing, development, fabrication and repair of the followings

  • Spinnerettes for synthetic fiber and accessories thereof
  • Spinnerettes for nonwoven fabric and accessories thereof
  • Dies for plastic film and/or sheet and accessories thereof
  • Production equipment and devices for medicines and accessories thereof
  • Components for precision equipment and accessories thereof
  • Production equipment and devices for semiconductors and accessories thereof

Environment Management:ISO14001

The environmental protection is, we believe, one of the universal responsibilities commonly thrust on every enterprise, thus we are determined to devote ourselves to the protection and much healthier world through the supply of nature-friendly products.

  1. 1.With awareness of the effects possibly caused by our activities or products on the natural surroundings, we set up a well-organized environmental management system, by which we try to reduce burdens on nature, promoting the anti-pollution practices and measures economically and effectively in a long term range.
  2. 2.We strictly comply with all the relevant laws and regulations, including the agreements or consent made by us in relation to the environmental protection.
  3. 3.Particularly, the followings are our major schemes to attain.
    1. (1)To save and recycle natural resources so as to minimize the industrial wastes
    2. (2)To minimize the output of such substances as could be burdens on the environment
    3. (3)To increase the purchases of the emission credit of GHG (Green House Gas)
    4. (4)To focus on nature-friendly products

Scope of registration:Head Office, Higashiebara factory