Screen Changer

Screen Changer

This changer composed of a screen rod and a wide filtration area screen is automatically cleaned by a backflowing polymer. The flow rate while switching is stable, and it does not affect the product.

Screen Changer

Big-3 Function

1.Back Flash Type
Back Flash System, You can change filter (Back Flash) without stopping the extrucler.

3D-ScreenType Breaker Cylinder
Surface 2~3 Times Larger
Pressure Drop Little
Melt Flow Axial and Radial
Screen Change System Cartridge Type

2.Super Wide Filter
3-D Cylindrical Screen has Wide Filter larger than Slide Plate system.

Back Flash System Back Flash System without stopping the extruder <2-Pass>

3.Rod-Rotary System
Rod-Rotary system is the most stability, compact, saving energy.

Basic Mechanism Rod-Rotary System(Non Contact with Air Type)
Function Motion Rotary
Establishment Space Less Space
Saving Energy Less Heating Energy
Preventive of Leaking Shaft Seal Packing
Oxidation Non Contact with Air

User Merit

Non-Stop-Long-Running Super Wide Filter, you can use the same Screen very long. Changing Filter, Back Flash is using any power unit by oil system without stopping the extruder.
Production Quality Up High Mesh You can High Mesh Screen (#400~700) of Super Wide Filter, Back Flash.
Non-Man-Running Back Flash System is automatical control.
Less-Trouble-Running Super Wide Filter, you can use the some screen very long and Prevention of Pressure Drop, Quality down.
Less Space Rod-Rotary System is very simple and the most Compact.
Prevent of Oxidize Type Rod-Rotary closed in system without Oxidation Leakage.
Home Product Manufactured goods (design) is home made. After-sale Service is established in Japan.
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