Surface treatment

Mirror finish

Extrusion dies, such as spinning nozzles and T-dies, require a high degree of specularity in the flow channel for efficient polymer flow. Mirror surface is processed by various methods such as mirror blasting, precision lapping, fluid polishing, and buffing. Especially, our craftsman can finish to mirror on curved surfaces by hand.

  • Mirror blasting finish
  • Precision lapping machine finish
  • Grinding finish

Mirror finish on free-form surfacesMirror finish on free-form surfaces


Various surface treatments with functions of abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and release charactristics can be applied.
Based on our experience of spinning nozzles and parts for semiconductors, we can respond to customer requests.

Method Number of units Processing size Film forming
Ion plating method 4 Maximum φ500mm Cr・CrN・TiC・TiN・TiCN・Si・SiC
Sputtering method 1 Maximum φ50mm Pt・Au・Ag・Pt-Pd