Corporate Identity

Support the state-of-art technology by submicron technology

Vision-Ideal situation 5 year later-

  • 01We aspire high-value added and high revenue company keeping to develop world's top technologies

    • All members of our staff are taking pride in our skill and technique to be an elite who is always improve the skill.
    • We are willing to anything new based on management with good plan ahead by analyst and validation.
  • 02We will be an appreciated company in society with valuing "Brand" and "Stakeholder".

    • By our force of skill and technique, we will contribute to the society valuing our member, customers, subcontractor and community.
    • We will improver our power of bland, thinking a great deal of Kasen brand built by predecessors.
  • 03We create a workplace free-spirited and each member can feel growth.

    • We will make a comfortable and can be delegated a task organization with responsibility and authority,
    • We will make rewarding work place that recieves recognition of craftmanship.

Company History

  • 1948Kasen Nozzle Mfg. Co., Ltd. established.
  • 1952New plant built in Nishiebara-cho, Ibara City, Okayama.
  • 1954Factory for manufacturing synthetic fiber spinnerets built.
  • 1962Machinery plant for manufacturing molding deis built.
  • 1970Machinery factory split, Higashiebara Factory built.
  • 1980Export Business Division split, Kasen International Corp. inaugurated.
  • 1984Domestic Business Department split, Kasen Engineering Corp. inaugurated.
  • 1990Kyushu Branch Office of Kasen Engineering established in Nobeoka City.
  • 1995Certification of ISO 9002 acquired from JQA.
  • 1996PT.Kasen Indonesia established.
  • 2002Certification for transition to ISO9001:2000 acquired from JQA.
  • 2003 Kyushu Branch Office of Kasen Engineering established in Kumamoto City.
    R&D center established.
    Tokyo Branch Office of Kasen Engineering opened.
  • 2004 Shanghai Liaison Office of Kasen Nozzle Mfg., established in China.
    The headquarters of Kasen Nozzle Mfg. co.,ltd.,Kasen Engineering Corp. and Kasen International Corp have been moved.
  • 2006Certification of ISO14001:2004 acquired from JQA.
  • 2009Okayama Branch Office of Kasen Engineering opened.
  • 2012 Kasen Nozzle Inc. inaugurated after consolidation Kasen Engineering and Kasen International Corp.
    Certification of JISQ9100:2009 acquired from JQA.
  • 2018New factory under construction.