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Spunbond Spinnerette

Spunbond is an integrated method of creating nonwoven fabrics in which a molten thermoplastic polymer is extruded to form filaments. The cured filaments are then piled up onto a conveyer-type collector to make the webs, which are subsequently entangled and bonded each other to form the nonwoven fabrics. The spunbond spinnerette is used to extrude the molten thermoplastic polymer in a desired diameter and shape in this process.


Spinnerette Plate

Length : 5200mm
No. of holes : 26000H
  Bi-component, Irregular shaped hole available.
Material : SUS630, SUS431, others
Polymer : Dies can be supplied in assembly with specific design.
  Spinpack above breaker is designed to allow smooth flow of polymer.
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